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Clinical trials of the vaccine  showed high efficacy. Antibodies against measles were detected in 98%, mumps virus in 96.1%, and rubella in 99.3% of vaccinees. One year after vaccination all remained seropositive protective titers of antibodies to measles and rubella, and 88.4% for mumps virus.
A certain degree of protection against measles may be achieved by the introduction of non-immune persons in the vaccine within 72 hours after contact with the patient measles.


  • An allergic reaction to the preceding administration of the drug; Hypersensitivity proviron cycle to neomycin, to any other vaccine ingredients and chicken eggs; nevertheless a history of contact dermatitis caused by neomycin and allergic reaction to chicken eggs neanafilakticheskogo nature are not a contraindication to vaccination.
  • Primary and secondary immunodeficiency. Note: The preparation may be administered to persons with asymptomatic HIV infection and AIDS patients.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Vaccination is postponed until after the acute manifestations of the disease and exacerbation of chronic diseases. In non-severe acute respiratory viral infection, acute intestinal diseases and others. Vaccinations may be carried out immediately after the normalization of temperature.

Immediately prior to use, the vial contents make the supplied syringe, vial or ampoule with a solvent at the rate of 0.5 ml per 1 dose. The bottle was shaken thoroughly until completely dissolved. The dissolution time of the drug should not exceed 1 min. Reconstituted preparation is a clear pink solution from orange to pink. . If it is different, as well as the presence of foreign particles, the vaccine is not used
Is administered subcutaneously at a dose of 0.5 ml; allowed intramuscular use of the drug.
According to the Russian calendar of immunization  is administered to children at 12 months of age followed by a booster at the age of 6 years. In addition, can be administered to girls in 13 years, not previously vaccinated or receive only one vaccination monovalent or combined vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella.
A new sterile needle should be used for administration. When using the vaccine in multi-dose packaging for taking the drug each time a new syringe and needle should be used. Dissolved in multi-dose drug package to be used during the day (for not more than 8 hours) when stored in a refrigerator (at 2 to 8 ° C). The drug must be extracted from the bottle with strict adherence to aseptic technique.
Of the vaccine safety profile is based on data for 12,000 subjects who received the vaccine in clinical trials. Events are actively registered for 42 days after vaccination. Infections : Common: upper respiratory tract infection Sometimes: otitis media Immune system : Rare: allergic reactions proviron cycle From the hematopoietic system and lymphatic system : Sometimes: lymphadenopathy From the gastrointestinal tract : Occasionally : parotid swelling, diarrhea, vomiting part of metabolism and nutrition : Sometimes anorexia Violations of the psyche : Sometimes: unusual crying, nervousness, insomnia, disorders of the nervous system : rare: febrile convulsions respiratory system and organs of the mediastinum : Sometimes : cough, bronchitis skin and subcutaneous tissue : Common: rash From a sight organ : Sometimes: conjunctivitis General and local reactions : Very common: redness at the injection site, fever (rectal > 38 ° C; axilla / oral cavity: > 37.5 ° C) Common: pain and swelling at the injection site, fever (rectal >39.5 ° C; axilla / mouth:> 39 ° C) in general, the profile of adverse reactions was similar after administration the first dose of the vaccine, and revaccination. However, pain at the injection site was observed in 10.1% of cases after the first vaccination and revaccination after more than 10% of cases. In the context of mass vaccination following undesirable phenomena are due to the time administration of the vaccine were recorded: Infections : Meningitis From the system hematopoiesis and lymphatic system : Thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic purpura immune system : Anaphylactic reactions of the nervous system : Transverse myelitis, an acute primary idiopathic polyneuritis (Guillain Vaggё syndrome), peripheral neuritis, encephalitis skin and soft tissue : erythema multiforme From the musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders : arthralgia, arthritis part of the body as a whole : Kawasaki syndrome on encephalitis was reported at a frequency of less than 1 in 10 million doses, which is considerably lower than with natural diseases . In rare cases, the condition can not be excluded, resembling mumps with a short incubation period. In some cases, there transitory short-term painful swelling of the testicles. In some cases, vaccinated noted development morbilliform syndrome. Accidental intravenous injection may cause severe reactions, even shock. Immediate actions taken depend on the degree of severity of the reaction.

Proviron cycle may be administered simultaneously (in one day) with DPT and DT vaccines, live and inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine, vaccine against N. ifluenzae type b , hepatitis B vaccine, provided the injection of drugs by individual syringes in different parts of the body. Other live viral vaccines are administered at intervals of at least 1 month. Is not allowed to mix with other vaccines in the same syringe.
Can be used for re-vaccinated persons previously vaccinated another combination vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella or corresponding monotherapies.
If necessary, setting tuberculin test is to be carried out or simultaneously with vaccination, or 6 weeks after her because measles (and possibly mumps) vaccine process can cause a temporary decrease in skin sensitivity to tuberculin, which will cause a false negative result.

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