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Primovist is a ready-to-use aqueous solution that is injected undiluted by intravenous bolus injection at a rate of about 2 ml / s through a large bore needle or indwelling catheter (recommended size 18-20 G).After injection of contrast medium the intravenous cannula should be flushed with 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

The recommended dose is Primovista:

0.1 ml / kg Primovista (corresponding to 25 mmol / kg body weight).

After bolus injection proviron ynamic visualization of the arterial, portovenoznoy and equilibrium phases allows you to get a picture of unequal temporal contrast different types of liver lesions. This information makes it possible to classify the identified education (benign / malignant) and describe their specific characteristics. This method further improves the visualization of hypervascular liver lesions.

Delayed (hepatocyte) phase begins about 10 minutes after proviron injection (in most studies confirming data were obtained 20 minutes after injection), the imaging period is not less than 120 minutes. Patients requiring hemodialysis, and patients with elevated levels of bilirubin (> 3 mg / dL) imaging period is shortened to 60 minutes.

Contrast the liver parenchyma during the hepatocyte phase helps determine the number of infected liver sections of segmental distribution, visualization, and borders, improving thus the detectability of lesions. The difference of liver lesions in character dynamics contrast / wash-out of contrast agent allows for more information.

Hepatic excretion Primovista provide opacification of the biliary system.

Side effects
None of the individual adverse reactions not observed with a frequency higher than the level of the “rare”.

Most adverse events were mild to moderate in intensity. Based on data from more than 1,400 patients, the following adverse events were observed, which were classified by researchers as a (possibly, probably, and undeniably) associated with the use of the proviron drug.

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